Savestate is a comic written and drawn by Tim Weeks. It follows the misadventures of siblings Kade and Nicole.

For inquiries please email savestatecomic@gmail.com.


What’s the update schedule?
Updates occur on new comic book day: Wednesday. You can follow updates via RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Comic Chameleon.

Is that a carrot charm?
Yep, Nicole wears a carrot charm on her collar. Nicole is based on a real dog named, Mandy. One of Mandy’s favorite toys is a plush squeaky carrot. She likes to carry it around and trade it for real carrots. At which point she promptly demands the toy returned.

May I translate Savestate into another language?
Yeah, go for it! Just a few things to note: make sure you leave the URL and link back to savestatecomic.com. Also, Savestate is free, so no posting to pay-to-view sites. That would be not nice.