Savestate is holding a Mario Maker 2 contest! Grand prize is a hardcover copy of Savestate with a colored drawing inside!

How to win?

  • Only available to those living in the US / Canada since the book will have to be mailed.
  • You have until Friday, August 2 to enter.
  • Play and beat the Mario Maker 2 level with course ID 478-FBB-2HF
  • At the end of the level will be a code written in blocks. Take note of this.
  • Send an email to savestatecomic (at) with your Mario Maker name and the code from the end of the level.
  • Everyone who finishes the level will be entered into a drawing to win the grand prize.


  • Do I get anything for being the first to beat the level?
    • No. This isn’t a speed run. People have school, work, and other video games to play.
  • Do I need to send my mailing address?
    • It would make things easier but it’s not required. I’ll contact you to get that information if you win.
  • What if the winner isn’t able to claim the prize?
    • If I can’t get in contact with the winner to get a mailing address then a new winner will be chosen from the list of those who’ve completed the level.
  • Why do I need to email my Mario Maker name and the code from the end of the level?
    • To keep things fair. Mario Maker keeps track of who’s beaten each level, however that information is publicly available. The code at the end of the level acts as proof that you’ve actually reached the end of the level and aren’t just pretending to be someone on the leader board.
  • What if no one beats the level?
    • Then I’ll make an easier level and we’ll try this again.


So I’m an idiot and didn’t realize Mario Maker 2 still had level previews, which meant the secret code was visible to everyone. I’ve fixed this and uploaded the level again. For those that had cleared the original level, I have a log of all previous clears so don’t worry about having to re-beat the level.

Special acclamations to shifter311 who not only was the first to clear the level but held the record at 8’37”.