Everyone’s been asking for it, and now you’re going to get it.

A Harvey plush!

Harvey is very indifferent to be in plush form.

Harvey sits just under 8 inches to the top of it’s head.

Harvey’s arms are connected with snaps so they can be removed.

The arms have no stuffing so they hang and flop around. The hands are filled with beans which allows you to place them.

Busting doesn’t make Harvey feel good.

Don’t mind Harvey. It’s just taking out the trash.

Someone has to make the first move…

ROB is back for revenge!

These are pictures of the original prototype. They are currently being produced and I hope to have them available in a month or two (it’s hard to nail down an exact release date since large shipments often get held up at the docks). I’ve also got a new shipment of charms on the way. If you’re going to be at Midwest FurFest I plan to have both on sale so you can save a little on shipping.